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Garden Anywhere Boxes lets urban dwellers flex their green thumbs

By Tim Farley

Whether living in an urban concrete jungle or amongst the sand and rock of West Texas, Newalla residents Larry and Letitia Pierce believe people can garden anywhere with their new innovative product.

The product, appropriately named Garden Anywhere Boxes, was developed because Larry Pierce is frugal with his money.

“Seven or eight years ago, Leticia saw an ad for Earth Boxes. We bought four of them and grew tomatoes. She wanted more, but I’m cheap so I looked online and saw how to make our own,” he said.

Noticing what Pierce described as “design flaws,” the couple decided to build their own garden boxes, which required 18-gallon totes and several components from the hardware store.

In addition, Larry Pierce designed an irrigation system that uses 70 percent less water than traditional in-ground gardens require. There’s also no weed worries with these portable containers, freedom from constant watering and a lot of success that comes in the form of tasty, homegrown food.

“You can plant almost anything in these boxes, herbs, veggies and its low maintenance,” Larry said. “It doesn’t matter where you live. It can be on a five-acre lot or in a big-city apartment. Actually, it’s easier to grow veggies in a box because most of the maintenance is gone.”

For instance, a church in Midland, Texas, purchased 80 boxes for several poverty-ridden families in nearby Candalaria, Texas, as residents learned how to grow their own food with little, if any, cost.

According to Letitia, she typically grows two tomato plants and a row of herbs in one box. She’s also grown a salsa garden that produced a healthy harvest.

“You can grow 25 to 40 pounds of tomatoes in one season,” she said, of the Garden Anywhere Boxes.
The Pierces have also grown lettuce, squash, cucumbers, okra, strawberries and corn.

Long-term goals
Having spent the last few years perfecting their product, the Pierces are making plans to elevate their business by contracting with a manufacturer and developing a distribution network.

But as the company grows, they’re not forgetting their early customers.

“We have put the garden boxes on a level where everyone can have success,” Letitia said. “We take calls from customers all the time and we’ve found that they’re good for disabled people and children, mainly because the boxes are big enough, yet you don’t have to be shoveling or moving dirt around with a regular garden.”

The Garden Anywhere Boxes have received some recent acclaim. In 2013, the garden boxes were named the most unique product at the Oklahoma State Fair’s Made in Oklahoma building. In addition, the company was honored as a promising new business by the Oklahoma Venture Forum.

Garden Anywhere Boxes, LLC, can be found on most social media sites, including Facebook, You Tube, and Pinterest.

The company’s web site is, and provides planting tips and prices for a single box, the three-box starter kit and the Go Big or Go Home package.

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