“C is for Chicksaw”

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“C is for Chicksaw” – Children’s book shares history and language

“Flying silently and swiftly through the air
Warriors hunt for food, fish, deer, even bear”

By Linda Miller

That rhyming verse introduces the word arrow or oski’ maki’ in a new children’s book by Chickasaw author Wiley Barnes with illustrations by Choctaw artist Aaron Long.

“C is for Chickasaw” takes young readers on a journey through the alphabet, sharing elements of history, language and culture in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

Each word – from arrow to zigzag — is followed by a brief explanation of its place or importance in Chickasaw culture. Zigzag or foloto’wa designs, for example, were used in art and clothing. Kullihoma or kali-homma’ is a tribal reserve, a favorite gathering place for Chickasaw people.

While this book may be especially interesting for Chickasaws or children of Chickasaw heritage, it has widespread appeal and is delivered in a manner that’s engaging for all audiences.

Not only do children like to hear and say verses that rhyme, the bold and colorful illustrations grab attention, sure to draw even the youngest of readers in for a closer look.
A glossary gives the English and Chickasaw words, word syllable and pronunciation. There’s also a question and answer page designed not as a test, but to encourage conversation.

Chickasaw in the native language is Chikasha.

“A Native American tribe rich in history
Proud, strong, and beautiful people you will want to see”

The book, $19.95, is published by White Dog Press.

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