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Family’s Legacy of Giving Back Helps Grow Business

Dr. Jennifer Chambers hustles about her office in a calm frenzy, organizing files and models of teeth before sitting at her desk. Covering her walls are decorative shelves filled with pictures of her children, husband and family- many of whom are a part of the My Dentist family as well.

Once Dr. Chambers is settled, we begin the story of how she became the chief dental director at the booming company, My Dentist, Inc.

Dr. Chambers has spent her entire life in the dental industry. From sterilizing equipment at her uncle and My Dentist founder, Dr. Pat Steffen’s dental practice as a young girl, to assisting her uncle with procedures while completing her dental degree at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, Dr. Chambers’ profession ran in her blood.

“From the minute I could pick up a broom and learned my ABC’s, I was helping my uncle around his practice cleaning and organizing every day after school,” Dr. Chambers said. “I knew almost immediately that becoming a dental professional was my destiny and I had one of the best examples one could ask for- my uncle Pat!”

Dr. Steffen was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and passed away at the age of 60, a mere two months after his diagnosis. Dr. Chambers used her years of experience in his offices to step in as chief dental director at My Dentist.

“Learning from my uncle was one of the most amazing blessings of my life,” Dr. Chambers said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and I’m so proud to continue his legacy through My Dentist. The way he conducted his practice and treated his patients is something that I recall every day while working in practices across the five states we have locations.”

The Oklahoma City-based practice has always been a family practice and continues to be with many of Dr. Chambers’ family members employed by My Dentist.

“My staff and I strive to treat each patient like family because that’s the premise this company was built on,” Dr. Chambers said. “We are all a part of the My Dentist family and we try to reiterate that to our patients and our staff- after all, without them, My Dentist would not be what it is today.”

My Dentist is a complete care dental practice with the ability to perform virtually every service for its patients, from orthodontics to oral surgery to clinical care with more than 800 employees. My Dentist has more than 45 locations across five states and has recently opened locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.

“For some dentists, the cost of operating their own practice is too high,” Dr. Chambers said. “Being a part of a larger parent company like My Dentist allows doctors to focus on the aspect that they love, working with patients, while we take care of running the office.”

Dr. Chambers assists with the openings of nearly every My Dentist location, serving as new doctor advocate. In this role, Dr. Chambers trains the new members of the My Dentist family, educating them on the technological advancements and new procedures available to their customers.

Dr. Chambers also assists dentists across all the states where My Dentist is located with major procedures and surgeries. Because of her many roles at My Dentist, it is rare for any of Dr. Chambers’ workweeks to look alike.

“In any given week, I’m traveling to multiple cities in at least three states, assisting in surgeries and helping new doctors get settled in,” Dr. Chambers said. “I love that my job varies from day to day- it’s never boring!”

As a way of celebrating the many grand openings this summer, My Dentist has begun a community initiative where one deserving community member from the area of the newly opened office can win My Smile Makeover, a complete smile restoration valued up to $10,000. Residents of the city where a new office is opening may nominate themselves, friends or family members that they feel are in need of a complete smile makeover.

My Smile Makeover recipients may take advantage of procedures such as veneers, dentures, implants and orthodontics, as well as general dentistry care. The winner is announced at that location’s ribbon cutting ceremony. After a general check-up, My Dentist dental professionals work with each recipient to determine the plan best suited for them and their smile.

“I have seen multiple patients undergo complete smile restorations and it has improved their self-esteem, which in turn, improved their relationships and even their careers,” Dr. Chambers said. “For My Dentist to be able to use our resources to help improve an individual’s life is not only our way of saying thank you for welcoming us to the community, but our way of giving back.”

My Dentist has announced four winners of the My Smile Makeover community initiative and looks forward to several more announcements to be made over the coming months. Dr. Chambers is grateful for the opportunity to give back, which is what influenced her career move into the dental field when she was a teenager.

“After watching my uncle work on a complete restoration of a women’s smile and the gratitude she felt for having received that, I was convinced this was what I was meant to do,” Dr. Chambers said. “To be a part of changing someone’s life by giving them a new smile is an incredible thing. It truly impacts every part of their life. I look forward to doing it for many years to come.”

For more information about My Dentist or to find an office near you, please visit www.mydentistinc.com.

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