Fit and flawed – Former model, actress Divini Rae becomes new face of fitness in Oklahoma

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Divini Rae and daughter

Fit and flawed – Former model, actress Divini Rae becomes new face of fitness in Oklahoma

By Heide Brandes

Former model, actress and Playboy Playmate Divini Rae knows from experience how unrealistic the world’s ideal for women can be.

She hates that girls around the world believe they have to fit an image that doesn’t really exist outside of magazine pages, and she hates that women are taught to constantly dislike their bodies.

“It’s about feeling healthy, not looking a certain way,” said Divini. “So many beautiful women look in the mirror and hate what they see. There’s no such thing as the perfect body, but there is such a thing as being balanced, healthy and happy.”

Divini Rae Sorenson grew up in the remote village of Tanana, Alaska, with no running water and food that her mother grew herself. She wasn’t a fitness fan in her youth, but living in the wilds of Alaska meant being naturally active and outdoorsy.

After marrying her husband, Oklahoma City’s Dr. Winston Fong, she had two babies and let her own fitness slide. She bloomed to more than 200 pounds, and that’s when fitness and health became her new passion.

“I didn’t feel ‘gorgeous’ when I was unhealthy and over 200 pounds, and it was not easy to get healthy again,” she said. “Every day, I chose to let go of negative thoughts and focus on good, positive thoughts.”

IonOklahoma recently sat down for a question and answer session with Oklahoma’s new fitness queen.

Q. What exactly is and how did it come to be?
D: is a place to go for healthy living tips. My passion and purpose is to share ways to be happy, healthy, fit – in mind, body, spirit.

Q: Besides the physical fitness aspect, I see that mental balance is also important to you. Explain why including the “mind” fitness aspect was so important to you and your subscribers?
D: Health starts in the mind and spirit. When I choose to focus on mental and spiritual growth and wellness, my body responds in a positive way. I make healthier choices. When I’m depressed and anxious, I tend to make unhealthy choices. That’s why I’m focusing more on sharing my tips to mental and spiritual health and wellness as opposed to just physical exercise. I believe it’s much easier to make healthy body choices when the mind and soul are healthy first.

Q. People see you and see a gorgeous, incredible woman. Tell me about your fitness journey after you had your beautiful babies.
D: I’m the mom next door; I’m a flawed, normal, real person doing the best I can and sharing what I learn with my friends, which is how I view all women. I’m a true believer in sisterhood, in us women supporting and loving our female sisters in this world.

Q. What can someone new to fitness and health learn from your site that’s unique?
D: I think what’s unique about me is that I’m a big mess, whereas other fitness advocates out there are super fit and amazing and making far better choices than I do. I’m laughing but I’m serious! I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I drink too much caffeine and sometimes I have milk even though milk makes me sick. Sometimes I make bad choices. I’m very far from ‘perfect.’ I’m no guru. I’m seeking to inspire, support and commune with other women like myself. With the love and support, we can all make better choices.

Q. What can people do RIGHT NOW to improve their health?
D: You can improve your health right now, this very moment, by choosing to think differently. What the mind believes the body receives. It all starts in the mind, with a choice. You may tell yourself, quietly or aloud: “Today I choose health and I choose to be strong.” Visualize what it looks and feels like to be healthy and strong. You’ll notice yourself taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or choosing water over soda.

Q. What is your ultimate goal for
D: I’d like to see it evolve and grow into an online community of support from all women. A digital sisterhood if you will.
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