Forget About Forgetting

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Forget About Forgetting 

Written By: Tom Nix, Verizon Technology Expert
The start of a new year always seems busier than normal with schedules getting back on track after the holidays, new projects beginning and working to keep new year resolutions. It can be easy to forget the small things, like turning off a lamp, watering your plants and grabbing the right credit card when you are heading to the store. Or did your kids forget to tell you they got home safely from school? Forget less with four smart accessories so your new year is smooth sailing! 
Forget your wallet? No problem! With the ISIS Mobile Wallet you can make purchases with your phone in place of cash, debit or credit cards. It’s simple, just tap your phone to make your purchase at any store that accepts contactless payments. Using the ISIS Mobile Wallet, you can easily and quickly make purchases to make your time at the checkout counter faster and less stressful.
When you use the ISIS Mobile Wallet, you don’t have to carry around your wallet to keep up with the abundance of credit and loyalty cards you have accumulated over the years. Imagine just being able to use your smartphone that’s already in your hand to make a purchase and quickly move on to your next shopping stop. 
ISIS is also helpful to increase your financial safety. Leave your wallet at home and keep your payments safely password-protected on your phone. You don’t have to worry about getting your wallet stolen if you don’t have it on you. If you use your phone to make purchases and you lose it or it gets stolen, you can deactivate your wallet and your phone with one call.  That’s much faster and easier thancancelling each individual credit and debit card.
With the ISIS Mobile Wallet, you can store the loyalty cards of participating companies so that you can earn points, get rewards and even use coupon offers without taking any extra time out of your busy day. So if you’re looking for a way to make your wallet lighter or get rid of it all together, ISIS makes it easy for you. 
Did you make a new year’s resolution to finally stop forgetting to water the plants in your house this year and keep them alive? The Parrot Flower Power is great for both experienced gardeners or those who love plants but forget to water. The Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be planted in a pot or in open ground and measures soil temperature and fertilizer levels so your plants can look great even if gardening doesn’t come naturally to you.
The Parrot Flower Power is equipped with a database of more than 6,000 plants, trees and vegetables and measures in real time the parameters that are important to help the plant grow, taking into account the specific environment. With the help of the app, the Flower Power can help gardeners optimize the placement of their plants and explain to them the right amount of heat/sunlight each plant needs. A push notification will be sent to your phone identifying the needs of the plant. No more forgetting to water your plants! 
If you’re the kind of person who is always in a rush in the mornings, chances are you have forgotten to turn off something when you leave the house. Whether it’s a curling iron, a lamp or the coffee pot, you can use the Belkin WeMo Switch as a convenient remote for turning off those appliances. Manage your home right from your iPhone like a remote control. Likewise, if you forgot to turn on your Crockpot before you left the house, simply turn the crockpot on from your phone and dinner will be waiting ready for you when you get home. 
Have you ever asked your kids to let you know when they’ve arrived home safely from school? The Belkin NetCam lets you see everything going on at home right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s simple, just download the NetCam app to your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to see and hear the activity at your house. No more worrying about whether or not your kids made it home. Just check the NetCam app and see a live stream of them to make sure everyone is safe and sound. 
Set the sensitivity of the motion detection feature so it works perfectly for your household.  If you want to watch pets interact during the day, set the sensitivity to low so NetCam won’t send you movement alerts as your dog moves from one room to another.  If you’re out of town for the weekend, set the sensitivity to high so NetCam catches photos of anyone who’s not supposed to be in your home! This smart accessory even has night vision and digital sound. You’ll be able to see and hear everything, no matter the time of day. Mount this in the corner of a room where it’s basically unnoticeable or somewhere else that works for your home. 
Keep it simple this new year by forgetting less with these four smart accessories.

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