Gifts for Graduates That Earn You an A

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Gifts for Graduates That Earn You an A+

It can be said that technology is the new “textbook.”

This ever-evolving organism provides students a window into any world they want to explore – from science to art, and engineering to mathematics. Toddlers begin learning on tablets at young ages, exploring shapes and colors while developing a love for reading and games. Technology is now a part of children’s development and ongoing education, preparing them for the school classroom where even more technology awaits them.

A growing number of schools acknowledge the role technology plays in early learners. Many have implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, which encourages students to research material in the classroom to better engage them in subjects, while also training students on what a valuable resource technology is. Technology will only continue to advance, and students young and old need to stay ahead of the curve.

As students graduate to the next level, parents should consider a gift that will benefit their child in the next phase of their education.

The switch from elementary to junior high is a big step in students’ lives. Give them a graduation gift that will help them during their transition. Students can use BeatsSolo 2 On-Ear Headphones to listening to music, a podcast or book on tape on the bus ride to school. Junior high means students are becoming more responsible. Help them out with the iHome Clock Radio to make sure they wake up for school on time. Also, a tablet like a Verizon Ellipsis 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab will help your new middle school-er start on the right foot.

When students transition from junior high to high school, they are becoming young adults. A tablet will help them with their studies and keep track of notes and homework assignments. Schools are increasingly allowing high school students to bring their own devices for lessons and a personal tablet will help them stay organized while helping them develop technology skills.
Sometimes students need to tune out noises in order to study. Give them the BoseQuietComfort 20i Headphones for top-quality sound to block outside noise. High school students are on the go all the time and need to count on a dependable phone. Upgrading them to a new Samsung Galaxy S6 or Motorola Droid Turbo will keep them connected to mom and dad and will be an incentive to continue those good grades.

Graduating high school is a big accomplishment. College is the start of adulthood. Students are away from home for the first time, so make sure they have a Mophie Juice Pack Plus for their smartphone to eliminate any “dead battery” excuses when parents call to check in. Tablets help students with schoolwork, but can also double as a movie player and TV. College accessories are all about multi-use. No dorm room is complete without a wireless speaker such as the Jawbone Mini Jambox for relaxing on the weekends so they’re well rested for the next exam.

These gifts are a great way to show how much you appreciate your graduate and his or her accomplishments. They also offer mom and dad a little peace of mind in knowing that their student is well-equipped for the next school year.

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