Hi-tech Travel Delivers a Great Experience for Families

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Hi-tech Travel Delivers a Great Experience for Families
By: Lawrence Ross, Verizon Wireless Technology Expert

If you are planning to take a trip this spring or summer, consider the benefits a high-tech travel experience can offer your entire family.

If you struggle to keep the family occupied while on the road, and can’t stand the alphabet game anymore, there are an endless number of apps and movies that can be downloaded to help pass the time until you arrive at your destination. You can access your favorite games, apps, movies, music and even books for entertainment with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet. The lightweight tablet makes it easy to pack and pass around so the entire family can share. The 12.2 inch full HD display allows you to stream movies and enjoy them in high definition so you can keep the frequent, “Are we there yet?” questions to a minimum.

Many families have a hard time capturing candid moments while traveling. While everyone wants a snapshot of the memories, it’s sometimes difficult to balance getting a video or taking part in the activity. Now you can capture your entire adventure with the GoPro camera, without having to remember or worry about constantly having the camera ready. Whether you are hiking in the mountains, catching a wave at a favorite water park or braving a giant rollercoaster, the GoPro camera can help you capture your adventure in a unique way. The camera is waterproof, mountable and can attach to you or your gear. Capture your experiences in high-quality video or pictures with the 12-megapixel camera. So, remember the highlights of your vacation from your point of view, and make it fun with the GoPro camera.

Travelers who like to fill their schedule and make every moment count can plan with ease through the TripIt app. Whether you want to get tickets to a musical or reservations for a date night, TripIt organizes your itinerary for you. Simply forward hotel, airline, car rental, entertainment and restaurant confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com to have an instant itinerary. Access the TripIt app on any smartphone or tablet to manually edit your plans, get directions or read the weather forecast for each destination. This app will make planning easy and keep everyone organized, so you can live in the moment while on vacation.

With high-tech travel, it’s easy to keep an eye on your house while you are gone. Get the Belkin Net Cam HD camera to increase your security when you are on vacation. Login to Net Cam over your smartphone or tablet with the touch of the screen for a look at what’s happening at home. Listen in, take a photo or high-definition video whenever you want. If motion is detected inside your home while you’re away, you receive a text or email notifying you, so you are always informed and can fully relax on your vacation. The Net Cam also sends you a photo of the room where motion was detected, so you can see what triggered the camera. The Belkin NetCam can be mounted on the walls or placed to blend in with your décor so it unseen.

Another common question while on vacation is, “Where are we going to eat?” When you are vacationing it is difficult to find good local places to eat without recommendations or searching the web to read hundreds of restaurant reviews. The LocalEats app is a great tool to help you find popular eateries wherever you go. It will show you the top 100 picks by city, provide you access to menus and even show you available coupon deals. To accommodate your family’s preferences, you can filter restaurants by cuisine, price range, hours and location. Once you poll the family, you can make reservations and use GPS to find the restaurant, and make the decision process fun and easy.

With the help of these apps and devices, this year’s vacation could be more organized and possibly more relaxing! To learn more about the smart accessories and more, visit VerizonWireless.com.

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