Raising the 21st Century Kid

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Raising the 21st Century Kid – From Crib to Car

By: Tom Nix, Verizon Wireless

Today’s kids are becoming “digital natives” with their early adoption of technology and seemingly innate understanding of its power. Parents are seeing firsthand the change in society as they raise the technology generation. Verizon Wireless understands the power of technology and as a communications company has tips and tech tricks to help raise the 21st century kid – from crib to car.

From the moment a family finds out that they will soon have a new addition, technology can assist in making the transitions easy. Apps such as Belly Snaps and Pregnancy Check List, can help soon-to-be parents with prepping for and understanding the changes that are happening during pregnancy.

From the beginning, during the crib stage parents are involved in their new baby’s life in every aspect. Parents always want to know what their infant is doing and how they are doing. Instead of sticking with the traditional radio-like baby monitor, choose a piece of technology like the DropCam, which allows you to actually see your child through a smartphone or tablet. The DropCam has night vision, so you can watch your baby’s room at night, and even get abetter view with the 8x zoom, which lets you zero in on any part of the room. What is extra special about this Wi-Fi camera is that it has a built-in mic and speaker, so you can talk with your child while you are at work and the nanny is there.

Mobile technology can help your child’s education at any age. Turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet into a dynamic tech tool that can be used for daily reading through the Amazon Kindle app or even flashcard review through STUDYBLUE. You can even transform your tablet into the ultimate coloring book with the Crayola Digitools Deluxe Pack, which eliminates the need for markers, colored pencils and paint and allows your child to get creative – without the mess!

When a child enters middle school, many families give their young teen their first smartphone. This is a big step for a family, and to help give Mom and Dad some reassurance Verizon Wireless provides FamilyBase, which gives parents complete access to how their child is using their smartphone – particularly during school hours — and can even keep tabs on the apps that have been downloaded.

Eating at the table is a tradition some families still enjoy, but many have to compete for their kid’s attention. With a few taps within the FamilyBase app, Mom and Dad can shut off their kids’ phones and manage their screen time.

High school is a time when many teens are starting to enjoy their newfound freedom. Parents can relax knowing that with Family Locator they can simply push a button on their smartphone or tablet and gain access to their teen’s location.

We all know kids and teens are known for losing their stuff; it just comes with growing up and gaining responsibility. One way to relieve some of that stress is to connect your child’s important items such as their house key and smartphone with the HTC Fetch. With this piece of smart technology, you can learn the location of the “missing item” with just a click of the app.

If you cannot take one more minute of your teen’s latest music obsession, pick up a pair of SOL Headphones. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will Mom and Dad be able to enjoy some peace and quiet, but your teen will absolutely love the quality and style of the headphones.

As a parent, one of hardest things you have to do is trust your child behind the wheel. Whether they are a new driver or you are sending them off to college a state away, the Delphi Connect will be your saving grace when you are worried about the condition of their car. Dad can check in on the diagnostics from his smartphone and can give his daughter a call when the car needs an oil change, and Mom can check in to see if her newly licensed teen is driving safely when out with friends.

In some ways, raising a child in the 21st century is not that different than it was 20 years ago. Parents are still looking for ways to enhance and supplement their child’s education, and moms and dads are still constantly worrying about their teen when they’re driving. But with the use of technology, Mom and Dad can breathe a little bit easier knowing that they can pick up their smartphone and Skype with their college kid or tap and few buttons and run through their child’s weekly spelling words.

No matter your child’s age, the technology generation is here to stay and with each passing year new technology is being created and it just keeps getting better!

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