In My Space – Column 7 – First Gentelman by Peggy Gandy

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BY Peggy Gandy

ATTENTION *(The tongue- in- cheek observations in this column do not refer to Bill Clinton or anyone else you may know or have heard of. They’re just random fun ‘what ifs’ about what might happen if a woman, married to an average guy, should be elected president.

Eventually some smart woman, whose husband thought she was running for City Council so she could head a campaign to install park swings with heated seats, is going to find herself elected President of the United States. And boy is she in for a surprise when she meets her buff Secret Service agents. You know, the ones that party a lot.

Getting through the inauguration won’t be easy. Her husband’s attention span between football games only runs to 15 minutes and that won’t even cover the swearing- in ceremony.

Dressing him for the occasion could create a problem. I’d like to see a Press Secretary try to describe the spousal inauguration outfit. Something more than his tie and socks would have to be mentioned, maybe a cropped-comb over or a red, white and blue lapel handkerchief. One of the newsprint descriptions of the outfit President Reagan’s wife Nancy wore to his inauguration read like royalty…“For the public swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the Capitol Monday, Mrs. Reagan will wear an electric blue Adolfo melton coat over a blue wool crepe dress. Both are trimmed with gold buttons and chain belts. She will also wear a small, off-the face Breton hat of the same color.’’

While we’re on the subject of clothes, he needs to be reminded to stay off the helicopter pad when he is wearing his “Doug’s Barbeque’’ bowling shirt or biking shorts.

Planning State dinners is taboo too as well as grilling outside on his Egg. By the time he gets the coals to burn, diplomatic relations could be broken off forever and half the cabinet members stoned on bug spray.

Press interviews would also present a problem. The first time the President’s husband goes into a press conference and mentions his wife’s age, how often she misplaces her cell phone, her inability to balance a checkbook, or her lack of computer savvy, he’s going to find his clothes moved permanently into the Lincoln bedroom…( and how, I wonder, would the tour guide explain THAT to the little old ladies from Peoria!)

Naturally you’d see a few changes made on the grounds. Hammocks in the rose garden, a trout pond on the east lawn…

No do-it-yourself projects would be allowed: repainting the trim around the Red Room, adding book shelves to the Treaty Room, new pulls on the kitchen drawers…

Accommodating a First Gentlemen would have its moments. But on the plus side, where else would a wife ever be in a better position to shame her husband into sleeping in his pajamas. (No, no, not the footed ones, think of the little old ladies from Peoria!)


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