Technology For The Golden Years

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Technology For The Golden Years

The digital age can help make a stressful lifestyle simpler by providing instant communication to keep in touch with family and friends.

Studies show that Americans between ages 55 and 64 represent the fastest growing group of smartphone owners. In fact, the market is shifting to cater to the baby boomers who are interested in becoming technologically savvy.

So the number of apps, devices, smart accessories and smartphones geared toward the older generation is increasing.

Through using these apps devices and smart accessories, there are many opportunities to include and educate older generations in the digital age.

By helping them understand the newest technology on the market, families will be able to keep in touch more often and in new ways, like sending pictures instantly and videos on-the-go.

Although life seems to be getting busier, communication is getting easier. Many grandparents are getting involved in the digital age by using email, texting and accessing Facebook, YouTube and Skype.

There are options available to the baby boomer generation to learn about how technology can make their life easier. Verizon Wireless recently offered a free workshop at Epworth Villa, a local Edmond retirement center.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the residents to come and learn more about their smartphones or tablets. Verizon Wireless provided attendees with helpful apps and easy-to-use technology. From apps to devices Verizon Wireless discussed several helpful tech tips with the residents of Epworth Villa.

If you have a loved one who lives on their own and still runs their own errands, encourage them to download the Carrr Matey app. This handy app helps locate the car by providing walking directions.

It also keeps track of the time left on a parking meter. With the upcoming holiday season, the Carrr Matey app will help grandma and grandpa easily maneuver through busy parking lots and get to their car quicker after shopping for presents for their grandkids.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing your loved ones will be safe if an emergency occurs.

With Verizon Wireless SureResponse, family members can have confidence that a loved one always has access to help. SureResponse is a device that is worn around the neck, wrist or clipped onto a belt. It has an emergency call button that contacts emergency services or family members without having to dial or search for phone numbers. SureResponse also provides directions and can help point family members in the right direction if someone is lost.

Many of the residents of Epworth Villa still drive their own cars. The Delphi Diagnostics device and app work to give vehicles a voice and notify owners when there’s a need for attention to their automobile.

Delphi Diagnostics can also allow remote control access to a person’s vehicle such as locking and unlocking the doors, opening the trunk, triggering the alarm or even starting the engine.

All of these functions might seem basic, but in the event a loved one needs assistance in any of these areas, it’s a quick, convenient solution that saves them a lot of trouble. They can help make driving around town simpler and safer and will give family members peace of mind that their loved ones are safe.

The trend of using tablets as e-readers has gained momentum not only with the younger generation, but also with the baby boomers. Instead of driving to the library or bookstore every time they want a new book, grandma and grandpa can now use the Overdrive app on their tablet to access eBooks and audiobooks from the local library.

With this app, never worry about late fees—Overdrive manages that for you, automatically returning books before their due date.

Gone are the days when family and friends used to connect with the older generation only on holidays because grandma and grandpa live too far away. With modern technology, there is never a reason to miss soccer games, ballet recitals or birthdays.

Plus, knowing that you can always communicate with loved ones on easy-to-use technology gives everyone the ability to live independently but always stay connected.

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