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May your Life as a Newlywed be Filled with Joy and Technology

You just tied the knot and are still getting settled into your new place, so keeping things interesting can be both exciting and easy by incorporating technology into your everyday life. Whether it’s having fun doing the dishes together or keeping your to-dos organized, technology can be useful in any aspect of your life.

Planning meals takes both time and practice. The Big Oven app is available to make the whole process easier. Big Oven helps you take recipes and shopping lists on-the-go for easy access from a smartphone or tablet. Search through an extensive database to find new recipes to add to your own collection, and even plug in your leftovers to create a whole new meal and not waste any groceries.

When everyday chores get boring, let music make even the most mundane task enjoyable. The Logitech UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker can even turn doing the dishes into a dance party. The speaker connects to your phone via Bluetooth technology and will not only play music, but also allows you to make and receive phone calls.

Have you ever wondered what your children or pets are doing while you’re away from home? If so, the Belkin Net Cam HD is a great tool to let you keep an eye on your family. The Belkin Net Cam not only allows you to keep track of your family, but with the two-way speaker, you can even talk to them – all on your smartphone!

Life as a newlywed can be quite hectic, and there are times where you feel like you could use a personal assistant to keep organized. . The Astrid app is a great tool to help manage your hectic schedule, shopping lists or making sure your new spouse remembers the new in-laws’ birthdays.

As newlyweds, you are constantly trying to save money , whether it’s for new furniture, or your next exotic vacation. A smart way to save every day is by installing a new thermostat, the Nest. The Nest can be controlled remotely through your smartphone or tablet, regardless of where you find yourself, by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi system. Keep it off during the day, then turn it back on just before you head home to ensure a comfortable home at a low cost.

If you’re on your phone throughout the day and always seem to worry about your battery life, make sure you keep a Mophie PowerStation close to ensure that you always have the charge you need to last through the day – or night. The Mophie has two USB ports that can charge almost any device, and is easily taken with you anywhere you go.

With technology, your newlywed life can be easier and less hectic. Now spend more time enjoying each other and less time fretting about tasks and bills.

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