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Member of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association / November 2015

By Greg Horton

Cuppies & Joe, situated on NW 23rd in Oklahoma City’s Uptown district, opened in December 2008. Co-owner Peggy Diefenderfer said it was right about the time the economy was really starting to take a beating.

“We had planned to own a dessert café for a long time, and when the time to open finally came, the economy was really plummeting,” Diefenderfer said. “We weren’t as busy as we could have been, but we never questioned the choice to open.”

Five years later, Cuppies & Joe is thriving, offering cupcakes, cookies, and pies, as well as what Diefenderfer calls “an environment that fosters community.” Customers will see college students studying and utilizing Cuppies & Joe’s free wifi, couples on dates, friends gathered for a snack and coffee, and business people in meetings. Diefenderfer said the original goal was to ensure that Cuppies & Joe had a welcoming, homey atmosphere, and she and business partner and daughter Elizabeth have certainly succeeded.

The idea for a cupcake-focused dessert café came about when the Diefenderfer’s youngest daughter, Katie, came back from Chicago.

“Cupcakes weren’t a big thing everywhere at the time,” Diefenderfer said, “but Katie went to Chicago as a graduation gift, and she came back and told us about the cupcake cafes that were all over the city.”

The idea fit well with the family’s desire to open a dessert café, but the Cuppies & Joe was never meant to be just cupcakes. The menu includes eight daily cupcakes, others that are available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or Wednesday and Friday, as well as specials that are available irregularly. (Cuppies & Joe is closed on Mondays.)

In addition to the cupcakes, the menu eight pies, four different cookies, and dreamsicles, which are delicious orange brownies. Peggy and Elizabeth bake the menu items daily, usually before 11 a.m., so customers get fresh, delicious desserts made right in Cuppies & Joe’s kitchen.

The variety of choices and flavors makes narrowing choices very difficult in the best sort of way. If you are a fan of chocolate, try the Chocolate Rain cupcake, a chocolate “cuppie” with chocolate buttercream icing. Is coffee your thing? The Bangarang is a chocolate cupcake with mocha icing. Cuppies also come in red velvet, vanilla, peanut butter, Italian cream, strawberry, lemon, and many other amazing flavors.

Pies are available in several cream varieties, and Cuppies & Joe will also do traditional fruit pies like blueberry, cherry, and peach. In addition to the regular menu, Diefenderfer said she also bakes other kinds on a regular basis, including a buttermilk pie that will remind you of grandma’s house.

Cuppies & Joe provides full coffee service, as well. They serve Elemental coffees, and are equipped to make brewed coffee, espresso, and coffee drinks. Coffee is probably the best possible accompaniment for dessert anyway, and Cuppies & Joe does have a bit of a coffee shop feel to it.

Diefenderfer said Cuppies & Joe can also accommodate larger cupcake orders, including wedding cupcakes. They will even make a cupcake large enough for the bride and groom to cut.

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Please click on the link below for location:

727 NW 23rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

(405) 528-2122

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