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Custino’s Italian Kitchen, located at 2724 W. Britton, offers the finest Italian food in Oklahoma in a very unique fast casual atmosphere and at prices that will make you shout “Mamma Mia!”

“We serve, for a mere $6.00, Bruschetta, Toasted Ravioli, Fried Mozzarella and a unique, delicious Naan Bread Pizza,” Elder said. “The Pizza is a one of kind item that we make completely from scratch once ordered – it can be topped with everything from one of our meatballs to our Italian sausage or any vegetable we have here.”

Salads are also a Custino’s staple, with its famous Sicilian Chef, House, or Caesar salads available in various sizes and are made with fresh romaine and spring mix.

“Our home made salad dressings are, at times, the talk of the restaurant,” Elder said. “In fact, we have recently been approached by a national chain who is very interested in our homemade Italian vinaigrette.”

Self explanatory “Main Dishes” at Custino’s include the signature Cheese Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Hand Pressed Ravioli, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Baked Ziti and Spaghetti and Meatballs still on the menu, each at $6.00.

Elder said that all entrees are available as single portions, or in “Feasts,” trays that feed six to eight people.

Custino’s is a true family restaurant where children of all ages are welcome, serving “Bambini meals for those under 12 including Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti, Ravioli and Chicken Fettucini.

“Rush Street Hoagies” describe Custino’s terrific sandwiches, from their world famous Italian Beef, to the Meatball, Sausage, Chicken Parm and a new Naan Bread Chicken Caesar Wrap. All are $6.00.

“We slow roast a top round of beef all night in our spices and juices and serve it with peppers, onions, or our spicy gardineria,” Elder said. “We serve it ‘through the river’ with the au jus.”

Another new component to the Custino’s menu are the “On The Side” items, which include Custino’s Garlic Herb Potato Wedges, Pasta Salad, Fruit Cup, Hummus Chips or sides of meatballs or Italian sausage.

As a perfect close to any meal, Custino’s offers two timeless Italian desserts, a Panna Cotta and a Tiramisu.

“Our chef has created an exclusive fruit/berry sauce for the Panna Cotta that was recently featured by U.S. Foods,” Elder said.

Elder says that Custino’s Italian Kitchen is one of the premiere local establishments in Oklahoma City, while maintaining its commitment to keep prices reasonable.

“Whether you’re a church group that needs 200 lasagna trays or just hungry on your way home from work, we offer some of the best excuses to dine out in the whole metro area,”
Elder said.

Elder concludes by saying his restaurant has all the convenience of a fast food chain.

“We offer a drive through window for call in service,” he said. “Our customers can call 405-608-4420 and it will be ready in five to ten minutes.”

Custino’s is open every day but Mondays from 11:00 a.m. through 8 p.m.

2724 West Britton Road, Oklahoma City

(405) 608-4420

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