Teen dating violence

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Verizon Wireless is trying to help those affected by domestic violence through its HopeLine program.
Verizon Wireless and the YWCA have joined together to raise awareness of teen dating violence.

Verizon Wireless is working with the YWCA to raise awareness this February of teen dating violence. February is dedicated to promoting healthy relationships among teens and to prevent dating violence.

“Teen dating violence comes in many forms,”said Jan Peery, CEO of the YWCA. “From bullying to verbal and physical abuse and stalking, we are seeing more and more teens exposed to violence within their relationships. We encourage those who have questions or would like to discuss what is occurring in their own life to talk with a trusted family member or friend and call the YWCA hotline at 917-YWCA (9922) to communicate with a professional who is trained to help.”

Teen dating violence affects nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide each year. The violence does not just target women – 15 percent of men between 11 and 17 years of age have experienced some form of dating violence.

Here are some common signs of teen dating violence:

  • · Isolation from past friends
  • · Constant communication with partner
  • · Frequent emotional changes
  • · Jealousy issues when your teen speaks with another boy/girl

“The statistics of teen dating violence are paralyzing,” said Rich Wu, district manager for Verizon Wireless in Oklahoma City. “Technology can play an important part in helping end the abuse and violence. By using a smartphone a victim can reach out for help through texts, phone calls and even apps. The small device you carry in your pocket can potentially save your life.”

Verizon Wireless is working to provide teens and parents with options to help stop bullying and teen dating abuse.

Here are some apps that are available to teens and parents to help with teen dating violence:

  • · The Circle of 6 app connects you with six of your closest friends when you are in a threatening situation, with the touch of only two buttons.
  • · An app designed to help those affected by teen dating violence and electronic victimizations, td411, assists in finding help when needed.
  • · Never be alone again with the bSafe app. The GPS-based safety alarm will alert your safety network of friends and family in the event of an emergency.

Beyond giving teens a voice and opportunity to end teen dating violence, Verizon also focuses on helping those who have been affected by domestic violence with its HopeLine program. HopeLine is an organization that gives silent victims a voice by providing no longer used wireless devices to local shelters, for use by domestic violence victims. For more information, visit www.verizonwireless.com/hopeline.


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