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Unique crusts, sauces make Red PrimeSteak utterly original

By Greg Horton

Red PrimeSteak is the flagship restaurant of A Good Egg Dining Group. Located in the historic 1911 Buick Building, Red PrimeSteak’s beautiful, cavernous interior was designed by award-winning architect Rand Elliott.

The building was constructed in 1911, as part of what came to be known as Automobile Alley. According to, the facility originally had a showroom on the first floor and a parts department on the second.

Rand and Jeanette Elliott purchased the building in 1999, but it remained unoccupied until Keith and Heather Paul, the owners of A Good Egg Dining Group, chose the newly restored building for their prime steakhouse. Elliott had restored the building’s façade using photos of the original facility, and he created a new interior for Red PrimeSteak that combined the cavernous space with ambient, colored lights, and womblike booths that tuck diners into small, intimate spaces in the expansive main dining area.

Red is a prime steakhouse, so they absolutely do steak well. Diners can choose from dry aged beef, filets, prime ribeye, prime New York Strip, and prime Sirloin, as well as American Wagyu beef. Like its Japanese counterpart Kobe, American Wagyu beef has intense marbling, giving the steaks an amazing, rich flavor.

What makes Red utterly original in Oklahoma City are the seven crusts and seven sauces diners can choose for their steak’s preparation. Popular choices include the coffee crust and the garlic herb crust. As for sauces, the brandy mushroom sauce and the black truffle butter both add a decadent note to the already rich beef.

Like any excellent steakhouse, Red also offers a variety of seafood selections, including the steakhouse mainstay, lobster tail. Diners can also choose from salmon, scallops, snapper, and other freshly flown-in fish selections.

Red has an amazing selection of sides, but you would be remiss if you skipped the horseradish potato gratin or the green chili mac. In addition to the sides, small plates are delicious at Red. For a Southern treat, try RP’s tomatoes. It’s a riff on a Caprese salad, and it features fried green and hothouse tomatoes, basil and balsamic. One of the metro’s more original dishes is on the small plate menu: beef tenderloin tamales. Served with a roasted poblano chimichurri and sun-dried tomato cream, these tamales are slightly spicy, smoky, and tangy deliciousness.

The prix fixe menu is served year round at Red. For $42, diners can choose on starter, one entrée, one side, and one dessert. This is no second-class menu, though. A pork porterhouse with horseradish potato gratin will leave you full and very happy, even before dessert.

Red’s bar and wine list are outstanding. Like their sister restaurant Cheever’s, Red PrimeSteak is committed to the classic cocktail. Diners can also choose from regular specialty cocktails, premium liquors, and one of the metro’s best by the bottle wine lists.

In addition to the amazing food and drinks, Red also has some of the best private areas in the city. For special occasion dinners like birthdays, choose from the mezzanine dining area or the uber-private spaceship booth in the back of the restaurant. Red is open seven days a week. Reservations are recommended.

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