It’s the Ladies’ Turn!

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Megan (Melissa McCarthy), Becca (Ellie Kemper), Helen (Rose Byrne), Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and Annie (Kristen Wiig) in the comedy Bridesmaids.

By Emily Hopkins

Raunch, vulgarity, side-splitting humor – all in a movie written by and starring women. It’s finally the ladies’ turn at the comic reigns in “Bridesmaids,” the hilarious fete co-written by Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig (who also stars), directed by Paul Feig and produced by funnyman Judd Apatow.

Ripe with both SNL veterans (Wiig, Maya Rudolph) and lesser-recognized comedic stars (Rose Bryne, Melissa McCarthy), “Bridesmaids” is guaranteed to give any summer bromance a run for its money.

Start with a hilarious base, toss in a healthy dose of disgusting bodily-function gags, mix in some public drunkenness and fits of rage, then add a pinch of jealousy and insanity for good measure. You’ve now got the workings for one messed-up riot of a show.

Wiig stars as Annie Walker, a 30-something late-bloomer with a failed business and failed relationship under her belt. When her feelings of inadequacy and frustration with her wacky British roommates start to take over, she turns to her friends-with-benefits relationship with jerk Ted (John Hamm).

Her best friend Lillian’s (Rudolph) announcement that she’s engaged is just the icing on the miserable cake. Annie tries her best to mask her feelings of jealousy – but when she meets the gorgeous, put-together Helen (Bryne), Lillian’s new friend and wife to the groom’s boss, all hell breaks loose. Literally.

Everything that could possibly go wrong for this misfit troupe of a wedding party does, in fact, go horribly wrong – but the result is fantastically hysterical for the audience. One minute you’re repulsed, one minute you’re shocked, and the next minute you’re rolling in the aisles, gasping for air due to one of the many jolting one-liners (many going to break-out star McCarthy).

“Bridesmaids” may be wrapped in the pink, sparkly paper of a chick-flick, but what lies beneath is a no-holds-barred laughfest of extremely un-ladylike proportions, appealing to the inner crazy of both men and women alike. This isn’t your typical wedding movie, filled with white, fluffy tulle and every cliché in the book. In fact, the wedding itself easily takes a backseat to the rollicking wedding party, turning what could’ve been boring into anything but.

Nothing but outrage will ensure if “Bridesmaids” doesn’t make Wiig the newest SNL regular-turned movie star. Hollywood’s funny royalty better be ready to step aside, or at least share their spotlights. Calling this the funniest movie of the summer would be completely on target – and if it turns out to be topped, then we’re in for one hilarious season.

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