theguiltracket Releases New Album

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 “The Abominable Plagiarism of Bobby Reed”

Indie-rock/ DIY Musician Bobby Reed released his sophomore full-length, “The Abominable Plagiarism of Bobby Reed” under the moniker “theguiltracket” earlier this month.  theguiltracket’s debut album, “Thuds and Grunts” climbed to #22 in the CMJ College 200.  “Thuds and Grunts” was also licensed by Viacom for several of its affiliates including MTV and shows like teenMom.  Both albums are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, the Google Play Store, and all other major online music carriers.  A physical release of the album, including a limited LP distribution, will be made available to metro area record stores early Fall ‘13.

Like “Thuds and Grunts”, “The Abominable Plagiarism of Bobby Reed” was written, recorded and produced by Reed in his home studio.  Unlike “Thuds and Grunts”, however, “The Abominable Plagiarism” does not show its grassroots, it sounds like a major label production.  “With the year of success that “Thuds and Grunts” brought, I was able to transform my studio from a small DIY operation, into something producing sound rivaling the best studios in the [Oklahoma] city” commented Reed on the new album’s production.  Called “a punk-rock Bob Dylan” by David Horn of Blindside productions, Bobby Reed’s “Abominable Plagiarism” is worth one listen in its right-brain pleasure inducing sweet sounds alone.  Reed’s complex lyrics, however, make repeated listens better and better as you get to know sounds and stories that make up theguiltracket.

In addition to the new release theguiltracket will be unleashing its new extra-sensory show on audiences this fall, beginning with an appearance at OKWOODSTOCK on August 3rd at Sparks American Campground.

– (published June 22, 2013)

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