Anna’s House Foundation Provides Laptops For Children In Foster Care.

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Oklahoma City, OK. April 23, 2020- With schools closed down and distance learning in full swing, many foster homes struggle to provide the technology necessary to stay on track. Anna’s House Foundation, a 501c3 foster care organization, recently provided 40 new laptops to children in their foster homes. 

“Several of our families were spending 4-6 hours a day doing tele-visits with biological families, video counseling, and video speech therapy in addition to their school lessons,” said Executive Director Katherine Craig. “For homes with multiple children and a single home computer, it becomes near impossible to meet each child’s needs.” 

Over 7,800 children are in foster care in the state of Oklahoma. Many children enter foster care with educational delays, making distance learning even more important. 

Anna’s House currently serves 63 families and 109 children in the Oklahoma City area. Their mission is to provide support for families caring for children in foster care through their contract with Oklahoma Department of Human Services. 

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, the AHF Board of Directors met to discuss the impact this shutdown would have on children in foster care. After listening to the needs of the families, they decided to immediately release funding to cover the purchase of up to 60 brand new laptops for their families. The decision was met with much joy and relief from foster parents.  

Ashley Miller, one of Anna’s House foster parents says, “Before getting these computers, we were struggling with getting school work done because I only had my work computer. As a teacher, I’m constantly doing my work. So now, my boys are able to work as I’m working and actually enjoying it! They are also able to do their visits and counseling sessions which is so helpful!”

About Anna’s House Foundation: 

The Anna’s House Foundation is a foster care agency providing immediate, stable, loving homes to children in Oklahoma state custody. It offers a future of hope and faith to foster children and foster families by providing housing, support, training and resources in a Christian setting. The goal of AHF is to recruit and support Christian families who open their homes at a moment’s notice to give immediate shelter, comfort and love to the most vulnerable among us.  AHF strives to provide the highest level of care in Oklahoma County and contingent counties. 

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