Cold Sore Sufferer’s Rejoice – Local Dentist Adopts New Laser Therapy

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(Oklahoma City) – The clinical team at Reflections Dental Care recently adopted a new laser technology called the Biolase Epic X.

Millions of Americans suffer from cold sore outbreaks and are therefore in search of cold sore remedies. But many of these remedies only focus on reducing the length or severity of an outbreak. This laser treatment isn’t like that. Rather, this technology will intervene before an outbreak develops which in turn will stop the sores/lesions from appearing – if treated in time. Furthermore, the sores won’t come back in that spot. It’s permanent.

As soon as the patient begins to feel the tingling sensation, letting them know they’re about to have an outbreak, they should schedule an appointment with the clinic immediately. If the clinical team can treat them soon enough, they can actually STOP the outbreak from happening. And that’s pretty awesome.

“The treatment is permanent. And it comes with a lifetime guarantee that the sores won’t come back in the same spot we treated.” – Dr. Lance R Schmidt, OKC Dentist and Founder of Reflections Dental Care

The appointment takes just 15 minutes at the dentist. It’s painless. And there is no need for anesthesia or numbing. This painless laser actually stops the virus in the location of the outbreak. So the tingling sensation never develops or erupts into blisters. It heals in a couple of days, not a couple of weeks or more.

For the majority of patients, laser treatment will also prevent future outbreaks.

“If we can treat you as soon as you feel the onset of an outbreak, we can prevent blisters from forming at all and sores will not come back in the spot that we treated,” Schmidt said.

It’s a permanent solution for preventing cold sore outbreaks in each spot treated.

A testimonial…

Local t-shirt print shop owner was so impressed with the laser therapy that he took it on himself to make a fan t-shirt, expressing his gratitude.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “For years, I’ve had to just sort of, accept it as a way of life. That every so often, I’d just have to endure the pain and, you know, just try to get through it.”

He started to sense an outbreak and called Dr. Schmidt who treated him later that day.

“I was kind of like, that’s it? But then…”

“After what seemed like only a few minutes, I was kind of like, that’s it? But then it was just obvious immediately that it was starting to go the other way. The usual blisters didn’t develop and I haven’t had an outbreak in that spot since. It’s a really amazing technology and I recommend any and everyone to take advantage of this treatment.”

Patients can stop an outbreak from erupting into blisters and prevent future outbreaks in a 15 minute appointment. For scheduling, patients should contact Reflections Dental Care at (405) 751-4556 or they can schedule online at

The team at RDC attempts to see Laser Treatment patients same day or as early as possible the following day.

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