Dolese Donates to Marland Community Center

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Oklahoma City-based Dolese Bros. Co. donated $5,300 to Marland Community Center Friends on Wednesday, Nov. 15. The donation will allow the center to replace broken heat and air units in the facility.

Dolese Environmental Manager and Community Relations Committee Member Tom Dupuis presented the check to Marland Town Chairman Sally Buxton at the Marland Community Center. The donation came after Catherine Robinson, member of Marland Community Center Friends, sent Dupuis an email describing what the center meant to the town of Marland and how the contribution would help Marland citizens.

“The community center is a central gathering area for our town,” Robinson said. “Having lived here all my life, I am very proud of this building and the purpose it serves the community such as hosting the annual Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser, meetings for the local clubs and county competitions. We appreciate this donation more than we can express.”

The building was constructed in 2001 using grants to fund materials and numerous volunteer hours. Since the construction, all heat and air units have stopped working and grant applications are on hold in the town of Marland.

The monetary donation will help the Community Center replace heaters so the Marland residents can continue to gather for meetings, lunches, weddings, church services, educational programs for the youth and seniors, birthday parties, reunions and more.

“Dolese is committed to improving the communities we serve with our products, actions and our support,” Dolese Communications and Community Relations Director Kermit Frank said. “We believe in being partners with the communities in which we operate and helping the Marland Community Center is a great way for us to give back and show our support to our neighbors in Marland.”

Dolese Headquarters is in Oklahoma City with numerous locations around the state. The nearest plant to Marland is 7 Mile Mine in Ponca City.

About Dolese Bros. Co.
Dolese Bros. Co., a longstanding construction materials business, supplies quality foundational building products used to construct and grow communities. Founded in 1902, the company’s commitment to customer service and product quality has helped it grow from its humble beginnings to today’s operation of more than 60 facilities with over 1,000 employees throughout Oklahoma. Dolese delivers on a mission to improve communities through its products, actions and support of local organizations.

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