Fancy Pants

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Ah, the charm of the printed pant.

It grabbed attention in the spring and summer, and the trend hasn’t lost momentum as weather cools.

For fall, animal and digital prints, houndstooth, snakeskin, checks, plaids, florals, lace, geometrics and graphics have taken a turn in rich, dark colors and at times luxurious fabrics such as velvet and brocade. Whether dressed up with a sparkly top or worn casually with an oversize sweater, statement-making pants and jeans bring attention below the belt. Go subtle or bold, depending on your comfort level.

Here are four things to remember about printed pants: A black blazer can tone down a bold print. A muted pattern on bottom leaves room for bold color, shine or sparkle up top. Consider adding contrast, such as a menswear-style vest with lace-printed jeans. And, finally, a great pair of shoes is the perfect exclamation point.

The Ion Style Team loves these fancy pants, though it took a while to embrace the idea of wearing prints on our backside, a part of the body we generally try to hide with black pants or dark-washed jeans.

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