Graham Colton Performs at Diamond Ballroom

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By Mitchell Burns

Graham Colton’s regional tour stopped at the Diamond Ballroom to perform along side rock bands Parachute and Modern Rock Diaries.

Their Sunday night performance comprised a mellow and easy listen with a few up-beat tunes. This performance was perfect for the easy-going listener. Modern Rock Diaries opened for the crowd while people were still entering the venue. They played most of the songs on their Great Western Civilization album including: September, 19th Century New Indie Romance, and Warship. The gig was a fun listen and their music definitely appeals to the “rocker” inside all of us.

After Modern Rock Diaries exited the stage, a thirty-minute intermission was all that remained until Graham Colton performed. Colton’s first couple songs were upbeat and fast, but he changed it up with a slowed paced song from his new album, Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 1, titled Our Story. After this change of pace Graham surprised the audience with a cover of the song You’re So Vain by Carly Simon. Following the cover, Colton stopped the show and brought a friend on stage. Colton’s friend came up and explained to the crowd how he met his girlfriend at a Graham Colton concert. Colton’s friend brought his girlfriend on stage and got down on one knee and proposed! She said yes and immediately Graham played Always In Love featured on his Here Right Now album. The crowd cheered for the couple while they walked off stage to rejoin the audience. For Colton’s finale, he played his new song; featured in the new documentary United States Of Autism. The song was called Love Comes Back Around.

Colton’s exciting performance was followed by Parachute. Parachute’s lively and upbeat charisma set them apart from the other performers. Parachute played many songs including one of their hit singles, Words Meet Heartbeats. Parachute’s more upbeat performance got the crowd moving, as lead singer Will Anderson began to walk through the crowd. They played songs off their most recent album The Way It Was including Kiss Me Slowly and You And Me. Parachute’s brilliant music and fantastic stage appeal made for an incredibly fun performance.


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