Local musician to pay tribute to Neil Diamond

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Oklahoma City (December 28, 2020) – Imagine growing up on an island off the coast of eastern Canada where fishing and shoveling snow are a way of life.  Now imagine being a young man on this island, far removed from the North American mainland, with a soul for music and a need to share the love of entertaining with the world!  Well, this is the story of Glenn Sulley…a musician and entertainer whose love for music gave him the wings he needed to take flight and move to the U.S.

Glenn began singing at a very young age in his Catholic school choir.  As he came into his teenage years, the rock bug had invaded his being and took over every aspect of his life.  He taught himself to play guitar and soon took the stage, although underage, entertaining in the bars of St. John’s famous George Street.  He learned the area’s favored Irish music and explored traditional rock.  Glenn knew that entertaining was what he wanted to do and music would be in his life forever.

He formed a band with a few local friends and after winning competitions, recording and touring with an Irish Celtic band and playing in numerous venues, Glenn realized that he needed to focus on college and a traditional day-job.  Glenn applied and was accepted into nursing school.

Shortly after completing nursing school, Glenn found it difficult to find work in St. John’s.  His aunt lived in Oklahoma City and encouraged him to move to Oklahoma and look for work in the metro.  Seeing an opportunity to find a great job and explore a new community, Glenn packed up and made the trek to Oklahoma.

Fast-forward 25 years and Glenn is a Senior Nurse Manager at OU Physicians in Urology and calls Oklahoma City home.  However, he never lost his love for music.  He plays music with his partner, local musician and attorney David Sisson, and wife, Jillian, in local and private gigs.

Glenn also has a favorite musician that he pays tribute to…the great Neil Diamond.  Glenn grew up listening to Neil Diamond and shared his parent’s love for this ‘forever in blue jeans’ entertainer.  In fact, Glenn has created a two-hour concert to show his ‘brotherly love’ for this talented musician.  His concert is scheduled several times a year at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond and featured throughout the year at the Oklahoma Centennial Rodeo Opry.

This tribute concert features some of Oklahoma’s best musicians and is a show that will leave you singing Sweet, Caroline all the way home!  This is an evening to remember and a great way to support a local musician with a love for entertaining and talent that will leave you amazed.

The next concert is on March 7, 2020.  Reserved floor seats may be purchased for $35.00 and General admission balcony seats may be purchased for $25.00.  Tickets may be purchased on the UCO Jazz Lab website: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/diamond-on-the-rocks-a-tribute-to-neil-diamond-tickets-76333057229?ref=enivtefor001&invite=MTc5ODg2ODkvc3VsbGV5Z2xlbm5AZ21haWwuY29tLzA%3D%0A&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inviteformalv2&utm_term=eventpage.

View video clips and find additional information on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sulleyneildiamondtribute/

Diamond on the Rocks – A Tribute to Neil Diamond
March 7, 2020  8:00pm – 10:00pm
UCO Jazz Lab, Edmond, OK

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