Oklahoma Contemporary launches Women in Performance series with The Other Mozart

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Beginning in March, Oklahoma Contemporary will present three major performances created and performed by women. With three unique shows, the Women in Performance series highlights the incredible creative contributions made by women in the performing arts.

“The Women in Performance series furthers Oklahoma Contemporary’s mission to create an inclusive nexus for artistic expression and exchange,” says Artistic Director Jeremiah Matthew Davis. “With two performances that have toured the globe and a breathtakingly original show from an Oklahoma-based collective, this series builds upon our drive to showcase cutting-edge contemporary art from around the world while supporting exciting new work by Oklahoma artists.”

The series kicks off March 2 and 3 with The Other Mozart, the true, forgotten story of Nannerl Mozart, sister of Amadeus. Nannerl — a prodigy, keyboard virtuoso and composer — performed, with equal acclaim, throughout Europe with her brother, but her work and her story were lost to history.

Called “strikingly beautiful” by the New York Times, the one-woman drama is set in and on a magnificent 18-foot dress, created to fill and spill over the entire stage. Sylvia Milo stars in and wrote the Little Matchstick Factory solo show, based on facts, stories and lines pulled directly from the Mozart family’s humorous and heartbreaking letters.

Between the opulent dress, wafting perfume and clouds of dusting powder, the multi-sensual Other Mozart transports its audience into a world filled with not only outsized beauty and delight, but also overwhelming restrictions and prejudice where, finally, Nannerl tells her story.

“Through storytelling, music and stunning design, The Other Mozart reveals the untold history of a creative genius that feels shockingly relevant to our contemporary cultural moment,” Davis says. “Sylvia Milo’s tour de force performance is not to be missed.”

Along with music by her famous brother and Viennese composer Marianna Martines, the play features original compositions by Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen for instruments Nannerl knew intimately — clavichords, music boxes and bells — as well as ordinary objects that might have captured her imagination.

Next up in the Women in Performance series: Women’s Work, a Fresh Paint Performance Lab world premiere (June 14-16 and 21-23), and One Woman Sex and the City, a parody of love, friendship and shoes (Oct. 18-20).

Oklahoma Contemporary is partnering with Fresh Paint, an aggregate of Oklahoma City performing artists, to produce the interdisciplinary performance piece, inspired by narratives of desire and intimate moments between strangers. Created from real-world interviews, this space-shifting experience explores the burden of our wants and needs in a capitalist world.

Women’s Work is being developed with artists based in New York and Oklahoma. Katherine Wilkinson, producing artistic director of the Gale Theater Company in Austin, will direct.

One Woman Sex and the City, a loving tribute and send-up, takes audiences through a laughter-infused version of all six seasons of the beloved show. TJ Dawe (director and co-creator of One Man Star Wars Trilogy, One Man Lord of the Rings and PostSecret: The Show) wrote the show with Kerry Ipema (PostSecret: The Show). Ipema brings SATC’s favorite characters to life as they brunch, banter, argue, support each other and swoon over men and Manolos. Puns, cosmopolitans and audience participation also star.

Oklahoma Contemporary added performance to its mission statement (“Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center encourages artistic expression in all its forms through education, exhibitions and performance”) in 2017. The arts center’s new campus, opening in 2019 at NW 11th and Broadway, will feature a flexible theater space as well as a dance studio, to be programmed by Oklahoma Contemporary, its companies in residence and partners.

More about The Other Mozart:
The Other Mozart was developed at New York’s Cherry Lane Theatre and repeatedly returned to Austria at the invitation of the Mozarteum Foundation and Mozarteum University in Salzburg. It had a critically acclaimed Off-Broadway run at the HERE Arts Center in New York City and continues touring internationally.

The Other Mozart was nominated for the 2015 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Sound Design in a Play and the 2015 Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best Solo Performance. It was also nominated for eight New York Innovative Theatre Awards.

The production features music composed by Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen with additional music by Marianna Martines and Leopold and Wolfgang A. Mozart. Sound design by Nathan Davis. Period style movement directed by Janice Orlandi. Costume design by Magdalena Dabrowska (dress) and Miodrag Guberinic (pannier / corset sculpture), with dress concept by Anna Sroka and hair design by Courtney Bednarowski. Lighting design by Joshua Rose.

About Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
Oklahoma Contemporary ignites creativity. An arts center for learning currently located at State Fair Park, our mission is to encourage artistic expression in all its forms through education, exhibition and performance. We focus on living artists, the art of now and the art of what’s next. We are committed to providing accessible, inclusive arts experiences for everyone by hosting free exhibitions, events and performances year-round and by offering low-cost, high-quality arts classes and camps for youth and adults.

Oklahoma Contemporary is in the midst of building a spectacular new arts education and cultural resource on a 4.6-acre site at NW 11th and Broadway. In addition to providing a world-class facility for exhibitions, performance and education and a breathtaking addition to the OKC skyline, the new campus will become a “creative commons,” a place for community to gather, create and experience art. Our Studio School will tell the stories behind the art of now and teach the skills to create what’s next. Incorporating programming from our community partners, Oklahoma Contemporary will be a hub for artistic experiences of all kinds and offer the city an event space like no other.

Oklahoma Contemporary is a regional 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1989 by businessman and philanthropist Christian Keesee and Kirkpatrick Foundation Director Marilyn Myers.

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