Phase 2 Hires Mac McCormick as Support Engineer

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Phase 2 is pleased to announce its recent hire of Mac McCormick, who will join the
Phase 2 team as a Support Engineer. As a Support Engineer, Mac will serve as an
expert in the software products we create and directly help our clients work through
technical difficulties.

Mac has the passion and determined learning nature we look for at Phase 2. Before
joining our team in Oklahoma City, Mac earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, at the
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and later moved into pre-med that lead him
to working with patients. There, he discovered a knack for programming and
transitioned into writing mental health medical software for a local company in OKC for
several years. Most recently, he has worked at Life.Church writing Ruby on Rails apps
on the Open Network team.

“After seeing the amazing opportunity at Phase 2 to make a huge impact on the
community through great software, I made the leap. It has been the best career decision
I’ve made thus far.” – Mac McCormick

Mac’s favorite thing about Phase 2 is our values and the company’s desire to truly serve
our clients. May says:

“Having leadership that walks alongside customers to develop solutions to incredibly
complex problems is unusual in today’s market, and we do it everyday. When a
companies main focus is serving their customers with a humble heart, amazing things
will happen.”

As Phase 2 celebrates it’s 20 year anniversary this year, our team continues to grow and
expand our work in new industries creating enterprise-scale software products.

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