August @1614 to feature OKC artist Chad Mount

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Painting by Chad Mount
Painting by Chad Mount
Painting by Chad Mount

MIDWESTMEDIA announces the opening of the August @1614 featuring the artistry of Chad Mount. The event will be held at the MIDWESTMEDIA Studio, located at 1614 N. Gatewood Ave., in the Plaza District, on Friday, August 10th, 2012 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. @1614 is held in conjunction with the 16th Street Plaza District’s LIVE on the Plaza event.

Chad Mount is a unique Oklahoma artist, who has been creating exquisite pieces for twelve years. Mount uses an observation of nature, movement and imagination to create his spectacular works of art. He refers to them as framed concepts in time, each with a living, breathing spirit. His work has been featured in galleries across the world.

Mount enjoys awakening the inner child in his viewers and invoking a sense of awe when they observe his work. Mount has entitled his collection for the August @1614, “Blooming Currents”, with pieces that have been inspired by the deep, beautiful, mysterious ocean abyss, available for purchase at the August @1614.

“Mount is really pushing himself to create a show that is not only aesthetically appealing, but allows for the audience to have an unforgettable experience. He is exploring themes which are unique and beautiful. Mount has entered a great stage as an artist, where his work will not only be recognized and admired by fellow artists, but by the casual observer as well,” says Christopher Hunt, Creative Director, MIDWESTMEDIA.

In addition, Hunt will premiere his trademarked @1614 film featuring Chad Mount for the event, which will be available for online viewing in the coming weeks.

This will be an evening you won’t want to miss! For more information about Mount and his work, visit For more information about @1614 please visit, and for more information about MIDWESTMEDIA, please visit,

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