Back-To-School Technology

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The Family Locator App by Verizon Wireless helps you keep track of your busy family.

School is starting and that means it is time to not only fill up the backpack, but also the smartphone. While purchasing binders, books and pencils that are all necessary for the classroom, parents can also download apps and tools to help get prepared and organized for the new school year. School is not like it used to be and kids can now use a tablet to access anything they might need. The days of heavy backpacks full of books are gone.

Whether you want to help your child study for a test, organize their assignments or keep track of their busy schedule, Verizon Wireless’s Tom Nix has a list of apps and tools that will get any kid ready for the first day of school. “Our children’s success in school is a high priority in our lives,” said Tom Nix, data sales consultant for Verizon Wireless. “Through the power and reliability of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network and applications on both our Apple and Android devices, you will have the ability to stay involved in your children’s education success in and outside of the classroom.”

FlashCards++ As parents we probably remember sitting at the kitchen table making flashcards for every subject. This concept is still very useful today, but instead of having to rush to the store to pick up another pack of notecards, parents can download FlashCards++ and help their student prepare electronically for a potential pop quiz or spelling test.

MyHomework Students that are heading back to junior high and high school have to prepare for taking on a new load of classes. MyHomework lets students organize and keep track of assignments, projects and schedules. The app color-codes items according to dates that they are due. MyHomework can also be synced to other devices, allowing parents to receive updates and keep track of their student’s progress.

Cozi Family Organizer As parents, many of us probably have tried our go at a fridge family calendar, and after a few weeks it either falls, rips or magically disappears. Thankfully, parents can now download the Cozi Family Organizer on their smartphone or wireless device and have the ability to update and access the entire family schedule. The app allows you to set up appointments, practices, games and vacations that sync to every family member’s device. A neat feature of the app is the shopping lists. If mom has already headed to the store, kids can send mom an alert to let her know they need more supplies for their lunchbox.

Verizon Wireless Family Locator For parents that have children old enough to walk home or go over to a friends house without parental supervision, Verizon Wireless Family Locator is a great tool for tracking their location. Download this app on your family’s phones, sit back, relax and know that through the app’s geo fencing technology, everyone’s locations will show up. As your kids are picking out their first day of school outfits and packing their lunches, take some time to turn your smartphone or tablet into a tool that can make this the best school year yet.

If you’re looking for the best deals on school supplies, try the Weekly Ads & Sales app or GeoQpons. Both apps provide you access to coupons and weekly sales circulars from more than 100 major retailers and local businesses in the palm of your hand. GeoQpons also includes a barcode scanner to compare prices and a built-in savings calculator to determine how much money you will save.

For the college crowd, there’s the Textbook Locator app. This app lets you search for textbooks by the ISBN number or title. Each search returns a list of stores selling the textbook so you can find the best deal. Textbook Locator also has a Trade-In Book Program where you can sell eligible textbooks for credits toward the purchase of new books.

If you need help getting into the college spirit on a budget, try the Around Campus app. This app offers coupons at colleges and universities around the country. You’ll always be in the know on the latest deals, and you can share the information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve got a need, Verizon has an app to meet it.

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