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Tim Schoelen-president of Mustang Brewing Company-at TapWerks in Bricktown.

Mustang Brewing Company celebrates its third anniversary next week with the Razing Hops & Hell music tour, which will have stops in Fort Smith, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

“The Razing Hops & Hell tour provides us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our third anniversary with our two favorite things: great music and great beer,” Tim Schoelen, founder, owner and managing partner said. “After we started Mustang three years ago, we formed Mustang Music, a charity that supports local musicians by donating ten percent of our merchandise sales- Razing Hops & Hell is an extension of that charity.”

Tim and his wife, Carmen, have loved music long before they started Mustang Music. They were inspired to start the charity by their own story. Tim and Carmen started Mustang Brewing Company over a conversation one night about Tim’s passion- beer.

“[Carmen and I] were talking about my love for beer and we decided then and there to start a beer company,’” Schoelen said. “We drafted a business plan, sold our house, cashed out our 401k and started learning how to brew beer in our garage.”

Since its humble beginnings in the Schoelens’ garage, Mustang Brewing Company has become the largest Oklahoma-based craft beer company and has expanded into Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas markets with three more states slated for the roster by the end of 2012. Each beer is developed at Mustang Brewing headquarters and pilot brewing facility in Oklahoma City, then brewed and packaged at one of several different locations, depending on the recipe and order size.

“Because our business model differs from other local craft beers, we can meet increased demand with no wasted dollars on excess inventory,” Schoelen said. “Thanks to our business model and our local brewmaster, Gary Shellman, who has more than 20 years experience in brewing beer, we can successfully grow and are thrilled to celebrate the third year of doing what we love.”

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Mustang Brewing Company

Mustang Brewing Company was created to make great, easy-drinking session beers. Our award-winning recipes are born in our headquarters in Oklahoma City, then brewed to perfection at some of the country’s finest breweries. The end results are consistent, quality craft beers full of flavor yet smooth enough to enjoy. It’s no small vision, but at Mustang Brewing Company we believe in making the world a better place, one beer at a time.



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