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Zombie Burbz is a kid-friendly app for your tablet. This year, encourage your kids to do a little less trick-or-treating and head home early for a night of playing the Zombie Burbz game! These aren’t normal Zombies- the ones in the game are friendly and want to live peacefully with humans, but the humans are trying to capture them.

Zombies can set traps such as stash-o’-cash, zombie-in-a-box, piñata and other treacherous traps to prevent the crowd of humans from catching them. Pick from one of four fun themes: Zombie High, Zombie Diner, Zombie Avenue and Zombie Services for just $7.99 at your Verizon Wireless store. Parents and kids can download the free Zombie Burbz app on your tablet, then let your leading Zombie figure get to work.

It is Halloween and time for the final preparations! The Halloween! app has multiple features designed to help you get in the Halloween spirit.Users can create a Halloween Countdown on their smartphone. The app even can help decide on a costume, play a witches laugh or download ringtones for smartphones. On Halloween night, users can test out their family and friends Halloween knowledge using the trivia feature. This a free app that can provide users hours of entertainment!


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