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Oklahoma publisher and author, Malena Lott.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

“Marriage can be a real killer.”

Readers beware: do not force your spouse to move from the big city to your hometown. Flynn’s latest suspense novel, Gone Girl, is a chilling psychological thrill ride told in alternating points of view. We hear from the charming, handsome husband, Nick, who moved back home after losing his writing job, in real time, while then hearing his wife Amy’s side of the story from her diary entries beginning back when they met until present day.

Did Nick kill his wife? Is Amy a psycho? Certainly those questions alone would keep us turning the page, but Flynn gives us more: the disappearance happened on their 5th anniversary, the date that Amy sends Nick on a scavenger hunt through town. He doesn’t share the clues with the cops. Why? Is he afraid he’ll get caught? While I was annoyed – and skipped over – the odd magazine-style quizzes Amy put in her diary entries (she used to write them for magazines) that’s a small grievance in what is a captivating read. Are both characters unlikable? Yes. Do most readers not care for the ending? True. Is the book for everyone? Of course not. I typically don’t read thrillers, but I do make an exception for psychological thrillers that go deep into character as this one does. My vote? Give it a try. It’s well written with plenty of twists and turns and themes on marriage and perception versus reality.

Reading Round Up:

Oklahoma City author Lou Berney delivers an equal shot of humor and action in his second novel, Whiplash River, with well-drawn characters like Shake, Baby Jesus and Quinn. Fans of the TV show, Burn Notice, will feel right at home with Berney’s world. You’ll want to pick up Berney’s first novel, Gutshot Straight, while you’re at it.

Short on time? Oklahoma authors Jammie Kern and Peggy Chambers are two of the authors in Buzz Books’ Stingers line, “Short works. Big Story.” Kern heads up the Mythology High series about contemporary coming-of-age tales based on classic Greek myths. “Ryann in the Sky,” her first ebook short, is based on Orion’s tale while her Labor Day release, “Taylor on Lockdown,” is a Jersey Shore-esque tale based on the myth of Talos. Chamber’s series, The Apocalypse Sucks, is a humorous look at what could happen after a virus wipes out most of civilization. The first tale, “Bra Wars,” has the protagonists on a journey to the mall for a new bra and lipstick.


Malena Lott is an author and the executive editor at Buzz Books USA. Her next novel, Something New, will be published in November. Connect with her at and and on Facebook and Twitter @malenalott.

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