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Sensory Journey
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The summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin.  From chlorine in swimming pools to sun exposure and perspiring from the heat can dry your skin, give you sun spots and cause acne breakouts.  By the end of the summer, your skin is crying for hydration and a little pampering.

Located on Western Avenue just south of Wilshire, The skin experts at The MakeUp Bar know exact what your skin needs to feel rejuvenated and to help your skin retain its natural, healthy glow.

Sensory Journey Facial

One of the newest facials at The MakeUp Bar, The Sensory Journey Facial, brings a holistic view to facials.  Using aromatherapy, the facial bridges the mental stress of life and physical effects of the elements.  The facial provides a deep cleansing of the skin while using your olfactory senses to help reduce stress and calm your nerves.   The MakeUp Bar’s skin expert starts the facial with having you select a scent from a selection of essential aromatherapy oils.  The oil selected is used throughout the facial to help with relaxation.  During the facial, you received a deep cleansing, toning and exfoliation.  Plus, a relaxing neck and upper shoulder massage.


Lifting and Toning Facial

If you are looking to get some lift or firming of the skin, the lifting and toning facial is a great solution.   Using a lymphatic and drainage machine, it uses vibration and cupping to remove imperfections.  It lifts and tones the skin, helps to remove toxins and increase oxygenation.   Plus, if you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, you probably experience puffiness around the eyes.   This facial can be a solution to help provide relief.  “Many customers have experienced relief from their allergies to the point where they don’t have to take allergy medicine,” said Alex Mendez-Kelley, owner of The MakeUp Bar.


Facial Peel

Dealing with sun spots and acne can be a tedious experience.  The MakeUp Bar uses Priori products to help minimize pores, sun spots and acne.  The peel resurfaces the skin.  Three types of peels are available –

Lactic – a milk based peel is a low-sting acid peel to give your skin a boost.

Enzyme – penetrates pores to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup leaving skin extra fresh.

Glycolic – the most aggressive peel The MakeUp bar has to offer.  It dissolves the outer most layer of skin and expedites the natural exfoliation process.


Eyebrow Wax

Need a quick way to brightening for your face and eyes.  Try an eyebrow wax.  The MakeUp Bar only uses Poetic wax from Lycon’s aromatherapy system.  The wax has a fragrance that can help you relax and is gentle on your skin.  An eyebrow shaping can make eyes look more open giving you a stunning new look.

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