Stylish New Year – Fashion, beauty and hair resolutions

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Promise yourself a great black jacket this year.
Have fun with makeup. Feel like flashing bold blue eyeliner? Go for it.
Resolve to maintain your hair with regular trims and treatments.
For a change of pace, step out in a statement-making shoe like this Jimmy Choo Fedora from Balliets.
Every woman needs great basics, including a button-up white shirt. It’s perfect for layering or wearing alone.

Stylish New Year – Fashion, beauty and hair resolutions to consider

When the holidays wrap up, many of us turn our thoughts to ways we can make our lives better – or easier — the coming year.

We resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, spend less money, save more money, volunteer or get rid of the clutter. For me, it’s always a promise to get my closets and drawers better organized. And keep them that way. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

One resolution I made years ago, and almost always manage to keep, is to only buy clothes that I really love and look good on me. A great-fitting jacket at 75 percent off is no bargain if it’s in an unflattering color or style.

With 2014 knocking on the door, I asked those in the fashion, beauty and hair industries to share resolutions they would like to see women make – or at least keep in mind — this year.

Alexandra Bratton, buyer for On a Whim stores in Oklahoma City and Tulsa: I think a good resolution for every woman for the New Year is to buy really great foundations. Everyone needs a button-up white shirt, a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black jacket.  Once you have these basics, and have them tailored to your body, it makes getting dressed in a hurry or packing for a trip a snap. They can be layered together or separated in a multitude of different outfitting options.

Her personal resolution: My New Year’s resolution is to be better about getting my wardrobe tailored in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter how great the jacket is if it is still sitting in your closet six months later because the sleeves are too long.

Greg Welchel, hairstylist and co-owner of Trichology Salon: It’s easy to fall into a pattern of lazy hair maintenance. Have you forgotten to make that next haircut or color appointment, or that masque your dry hair so desires? This coming year is the time to resolve to be better about your hair care regimen. Get on a hair schedule, and keep to it.

His personal resolution: To learn something new and get more organized.

Betsy King, shoe buyer for Balliets: I would like women to step outside the box this year and take a chance on a more whimsical shoe. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures, patterns and colors.  Sometimes that crazy shoe makes the outfit.

Her personal resolution: My shoe resolution is the opposite. I need to look for more classic silhouettes. I have a closet full of funky shoes. I don’t even have a simple black pump.

Alex Mendez-Kelley, owner of The MakeUp Bar: I think women going into the New Year should be a little easier on themselves.  We are committed to our families and careers so wholeheartedly that we forget to relax and have fun. Get or give a facial. Wear that bright blue eyeliner and celebrate your beautiful creative self.

Her personal resolution: I really just want to be more organized. Do a little at a time and not get overwhelmed. I wonder how long that will last.

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