California Earthquake Advisory & Oklahoma Seismic Uptick

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Earthquake Prediction.
David Rock.
Downtown San Francisco, 1906.

Los Angeles’ six year earthquake lull came to a close last March 17 at 6:25 AM with a magnitude 4.5 shaker that went viral due to LA morning news anchors’ on air reactions. Media across the state of California had been alerted days prior however that a higher probability window for a moderate to large temblor might be anticipated at either dawn or dusk of March 16. The author of the advisory, David Nabhan, is directing a worldwide public opinion campaign to impel the governor of California to request that the Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council investigate the thesis that dawn and/or dusk, during certain new and/or full moon phase dates might be highlighted as potential intervals for increased seismic activity on the US West Coast.

Mr. Nabhan, author of Earthquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight, in 2012 forecasted the seismic uptick that Oklahoma and north Texas are now experiencing, in published newspaper commentaries and articles, not due to conjoined lunar and solar gravitational tidal action as on the West Coast, but owing to another hot-button topic: hydraulic fracking. Nabhan points to water injected under pressure into the subterranean environment of seismically vulnerable regions as a potent force in triggering earthquakes. Recent studies at the British Geological Survey, the University of Memphis and elsewhere support that view. “This is in no way a call for a minute’s delay in moving forward to acquire the vital energy for this great nation,” Nabhan told the Columbia Daily Tribune (Sept. 4, 2012). “It’s simply an answer, especially in Oklahoma and north Texas, where in the months ahead people should see for themselves whether the ground is trembling more than it has in many, many decades.”

CBS News in Los Angeles was provided with the data Mr. Nabhan is attempting to place before civil and scientific authorities and will air a special segment regarding the matter in the coming weeks throughout Southern California on KCBS 2 and KCAL 9. Two upcoming times and dates will also be broadcast as potential higher probability intervals for seismicity on the West Coast: 4:30 to 7:50 AM and/or PM on July 12 and Sept. 9, 2014. More information can be accessed at

– (published May 1, 2014)

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